Calcualtor for tip

Please use this simple but superb restaurant tip percentage calculator and see how much you actually should pay (percentage and amount).

First enter the price or sum of the bill to calculate tip:

How many percent tip?

( 15-25% is custom )

Tip in cash/money:

Total including tip:

Feel free to change any of the parameters above to calculate tip!

How many percent should I tip?

  • 15% is appropriate for average service.
  • 20%-25% if your service is above average.

You should feel free to tip above 25% if you received excellent service.

No matter what percentage of tip you choose to leave, you can clearly see here how much money you should add to your bill.

You can also enter the amount on the bill and how much you would like to leave in tips and then see what it actually corresponds to in percent. After that it is up to you to decide if it´s fair or not.

Here is a calculator for percentage.