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Square root calculator online

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What is square root of ..?

  • Square root of 1 is 1
  • Square root of 4 is 2
  • Square root of 9 is 3
  • Square root of 16 is 4
  • Square root of 25 is 5
  • Square root of 36 is 6
  • Square root of 49 is 7
  • Square root of 64 is 8
  • Square root of 81 is 9
  • Square root of 100 is 10

Square root of 45 simplified

  • Square root of 45 is 6.71 or 6.7

Square root of 50 simplified

  • Square root of 50 is 7.07 or 7.7

Square root of 75 simplified

  • Square root of 75 is 8.66 or 8.7

Square number

In mathematics, a square number or perfect square is an integer that is the square of an integer. (wikipedia)

Square numbers from 1-100

0, 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100

How do you calculate square root?

There are several ways to calculate the square root of a number.

One common method is to use a calculator or a programming language that has a built-in function for calculating square roots. For example, in Python, the square root of a number can be calculated using the math.sqrt() function.

Another way is to use the long division method, which is a manual method for finding the square root of a number. This method involves dividing the number into pairs of digits, starting from the leftmost digit, and finding the largest number that, when multiplied by itself, is less than or equal to the pair of digits.

A third way is to use the Newton-Raphson method, which is a technique for finding the roots of an equation. This method uses an iterative process to approximate the square root of a number by repeatedly making small corrections to a guess.

Another way is to use the binary search algorithm which is a method to find the square root of a number by repeatedly dividing the range of possible values in half until the square root is found.

Finally, for large numbers, it is common to use the approximation method, as it is not practical to calculate the square root of a large number by hand or by using a simple algorithm.