Online Counter for Characters, Words, Sentences

Free online word counter tool. Use this fast and pretty, online javascript tool for counting characters, words and sentences.

  1. Count sentences
  2. Count words (words in a sentence)
  3. Count characters
  4. Count letters
  5. Count numbers

Count words, sentences, letters…

Why would you need a word count tool?

A word count tool is a software or online tool that counts the number of words in a document or text. There are several reasons why someone might need a word count tool, here are a few examples:

  1. Writing: Word count tools are useful for writers who need to track the length of their work, whether it be a novel, an essay, or a blog post. It helps them to stay within the word limit specified by the publisher or client.
  2. Translation: Translators use word count tools to calculate the number of words in the source text and ensure they translate them all to the target language.
  3. Editing: Word count tools are also used by editors to measure the length of a manuscript and ensure it meets the guidelines set by the publisher.
  4. Academic: Students and scholars use word count tools to ensure that their papers meet the requirements for length in academic assignments.
  5. Business: Businesses use word count tools to measure the length of a document or email for internal or external communication, and to make sure that the message is clear and concise.
  6. SEO: In digital marketing, word count tools are used to check the length of web pages, blog posts, and articles, this helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and to check if the content is long enough to rank well on search engines.

Other counters

So far we can offer these online counters: